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Going for Platinum - Part 3, Los Angeles to Honolulu Continental First Class CO173

After arriving from Auckland I had quite a bit of time in transit so I wandered the terminal and did a bit of plane spotting. It constantly amazes me how many 757s you see around the USA as well as the masses of CRJ and ERJ's. Neither of these are seen very often at all around Asia and Australia. My next leg would be on a Continental Boeing 737 in First Class. This is a pretty long 737 flight at about 5 and a half hours, certainly the longest 737 flight I have been on so far. Today my flight would be operated by N35204, a ten year old 737-800 delivered new to Continental in July 2000. LAX Terminal 6 - Continental's pier! My aircraft to Honolulu is third from the camera. After a bit of spotting and lunch at Wolfgang Puck,  it was time to check out the President's Club for a cup of coffee and a snack. The lounge was very quiet at this time and I found a spot with access to a powerpoint and a view out the window. I wanted a shower but there was none in this lounge. Pres

Going for Platinum - Part 2, Auckland to Los Angeles Air New Zealand Business Class NZ6

I had just landed in Auckland following a fabulous flight as reported in  Part 1 . The next flight was 'NZ6' from Auckland to Los Angeles on board a Boeing 747-400 in seat 6A, Business Class.  With a couple of hours to spare it was off to the international Koru Club for a quick shower and a drink. Auckland Koru Club Shower Room Auckland Koru Club Shower After a very relaxing and refreshing shower I went to explore the facilities. The lounge features a very extensive selection of beers along with the expected New Zealand wines and the usual spirits. There was hot food available but I was really full from the previous flight and with a big dinner ahead on the plane I just had a ginger ale. The lounge seemed quite spacious too. There are some seats which feature some partial tarmac views which is something I like. Drinks Fridge Spirits Buffet Lounge Surroundings Seat Tarmac View From My Seat - The 747 tail to the right is my flight Whilst I was sitting in the lounge cha