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Etihad Regional (Darwin Airlines) Saab 2000 : Stansted to Dusseldorf (F7275)

As part of a trip to Europe recently I wanted to try and fly on something a little bit different. Whilst researching ways to get from London to Munich I found a route sold by Air Berlin from Stansted to Munich via Dusseldorf with the first leg being flown by Etihad Regional on a Saab 2000! With so few Saab 2000's in operation, and certainly none in Australia, I jumped at the chance. As it turns out I flew on the first day of Etihad Regional operations to London's Stansted Airport. FLIGHT: F7275 (Etihad Regional, operated by Darwin Airlines FROM: London-Stansted @ 16.10 TO: Dusseldorf @ 18.25 I took the train from London to Stansted which was convenient, fast and easy  (although I think expensive at approx $40 AUD one way, next time I need to book in advance):

MH17: Thoughts with the victims and their friends and families

I was absolutely shocked to see the news of MH17 unfolding over the last 24 hours, I am truly devastated. I would like to express my condolences to the families, friends, coworkers and anyone who know those who died. It really is quite incredible that another disaster has hit Malaysia Airlines. It's hard to express how most people feel, it could easily have been any one of us who perished. Rest in Peace.