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Drukair - Royal Bhutan Airlines : Bangkok to Kolkata on the A319

For my trip to India I decided to start on the east side of the country (Kolkata) and work my way west and south, ending in Goa. Since I was coming in from Bangkok this meant I needed to find a flight from Bangkok to Kolkata and once I realised Drukair was an option, there was simply no other choice! I headed straight to the Drukair site, which is remarkably user friendly, and booked flight KB121 at a cost of USD126. Quite reasonable I think and cheaper than Thai who flew at a much less friendly time of day. FLIGHT: KB121 AIRLINE: Drukair AIRCRAFT: A319 'A5-RGG' (12 years old) CLASS: Economy Class DEPART: Bangkok @ 09.10 ARRIVE: Kolkata @ 10.00 FLIGHT DURATION: 2 hours 20 min After an early start at the Millenium Hilton I grabbed a cab and arrived at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport at about 7am, 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. Arriving at Suvarnabhumi (the King had only recently passed away)