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The Royal Tour Part 2 - Zurich to Edinburgh via Frankfurt. Business on Lufthansa

After 24 hours of travel I had arrived at Zurich airport, and it was a new experience for me! First things first though, time for a shower in the Swiss lounge! On my way to the lounge I spotted this Austrian Airlines A320 in special retrojet livery: Always nice to spot special schemes, particularly ones that you would never see at your home airport. Anyway after taking a quick snap it was off to the Swiss lounge. I walked in and was given a key from the front desk for one of the shower rooms. Once you are done you hang a sign on the handle indicating that the room was used and needed cleaning and then return your key to the desk. Not very convenient since it's a bit of a walk from the desk to the bathrooms! Swiss lounge Zurich - Shower Room The shower room was basic but had everything needed and I left feeling somewhat human again. It was still early morning and there was not a lot on offer in the lounge other than fruit, croissants and biscuits. I sat down and had a cup o

The Royal Tour Part 1 - Melbourne to Zurich via Bangkok. Business on Thai

INTRODUCTION Welcome to the first of a series of posts I am calling 'The Royal Tour'. Basically, as a bit of a monarchist I was quite excited to hear about the engagement of HRH Prince William of Wales to Catherine Middleton late last year. I watched with interest as the media hype built up in the months following, and suddenly at about 3am on a nightshift I had a thought, why not get on a plane and be in the crowd!? After all, this was going to be a major moment in history no matter which way you look at it. So, with my mind made up I started planning on ways to get there in comfort, and seeing a few airports I had never seen along the way! Along with airports I decided to stick with the royal theme and visit as many palaces and castles as I could squeeze in. On the way home I had a family wedding to attend to in Cairns, so that would have to be integrated into the plan as well. THE FLIGHT PLAN After a lot of playing around with schedules I came up with an itinerary invo