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Thai 465 ( TG465 ) - Bangkok to Melbourne Boeing 777-300 Royal Silk Class

AIRLINE:  Thai Airways International AIRCRAFT:  Boeing 777-300 CLASS:  Business Class ROUTE:  BKK-MEL SEAT:  14A DEPARTS:  0025  ARRIVES:  1325 This quick report is mostly pictorial. Yet another transit for me between Bangkok and Melbourne, this time on Thai Airways Royal Silk Class on a Boeing 777-300.  I arrived at airport and checked in at the Royal Silk Class check-in zone and proceeded through fast track immigration to the Concourse D lounge. This flight departs at a busy time for Bangkok airport, right around midnight. Because of this the lounge was packed and I found it quite uncomfortable. The food offering was poor and as usual there is no wine in Thai biz class lounges at Bangkok. After lounging for a while in concourse D I decided to move to the Concourse E lounge as the flight was departing from Gate E6. You could barely find a seat in there and all the PC's were taken. Very frustrating! I spent a few minutes checking emails after eventually getting a computer (my l

Thai Airways 639 ( TG639 ) - Hong Kong to Bangkok Royal Silk Class A330

AIRLINE:  Thai Airways International AIRCRAFT:  Airbus A330-300 (Old Configuration) CLASS:   Royal Silk Class (Business Class) ROUTE:  HKG-BKK Since the last blog post I flew back to Hong Kong from Melbourne via Singapore Airlines. After one night in Hong Kong at the Conrad Hotel I took the ferry over to Macau for a spot of gambling. Stayed at the still lovely original Lisboa Hotel for a couple of nights and really enjoyed it. I do like Macau! On the day of departure to Bangkok I took the direct TurboJet ferry from Macau to HK International Airport. I left Macau about 3pm for the 6.55pm TG639 service to Bangkok. The ferry ride was uneventful and in fact I dozed off for most of the trip and woke up as we pulled into the dock at HKIA. When you arrive at the port there is a bunch of check-in desks for the various airlines and I joined the queue for Thai Airways which was also serving Virgin Atlantic customers. I deposited my luggage on the belt and the agent checked me in, she advis