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Diamond Jubilee Part 4 - An easyJet experience Luton to Paris

After finishing my day sightseeing at Sandringham, Norfolk, I drove the rental car down to London Luton and dropped it off. It was time to head to Paris and easyJet would be taking me there on one of their Airbus A319's. It would be my first ever trip on easyJet.
After arriving at  the airport I saw this cute sign at the Pret a Manger sign, Keep It Clean For The Queen. I thought that was really cute and it's just freat to see so much national pride for their Queen. Her face or references to her were simply everywhere you went around England which I really love.

At easyJet dominated Luton there is very very  little to do if you have time to waste before your flight. Unfortunately I had arrived quite early so I was faced with about 2 hours of sitting in a seat sipping on a Starbucks coffee and having dinner at Pret a Manger. It only takes a few minutes to do the lap around the small shopping area and once that's done there is nothing else to do. The passengers are all held …