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Air New Zealand Business - Melbourne to Auckland B777-200ER

I recently took a flight on Air New Zealand business class. This trip pre-dates my recent Europe adventure but I had not got around to uploading the pictures. So here is a quick review.
FLIGHT: NZ124 AIRCRAFT: Boeing 777-200ER CLASS: Business ROUTE: Melbourne to Auckland

After lounging in the Air New Zealand Koru Club it was time to board and take my right hand side window seat. I was immediately offered drinks by the onboard crew and took champagne. We were soon ready for pushback and after a short taxi we were airborne on a beautiful Melbourne morning.

I had been working all night before this flight and had only 90 minutes sleep so I was pretty tired. I decided to watch The Adventures of Tintin on the entertainment system. In business the screen pulls out from the side wall and can be positioned any way you like. Whilst I was doing this the crew were already commencing the lunch service.

A quick visit to the lavatory before lunch revealed a surprising lack of amenities. Nothing but soa…

Heading Home

Hi All,

I am writing this from  Prague Airport. I'm about to embark on my journey back to Australia. The British Airways flight I'm waiting on is delayed about 20 minutes, but all good!

I will endeavour to start writing my trip reports at the end of the week. It's been a busy trip with lots of walking involved and I am quite exhausted, actually looking forward to not moving much on the upcoming flights.

Thanks for reading!