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To Japan in Style - Thai Royal First Class (Part 3 - BKK/HND, TG660)

Airline: Thai Airways International Flight: TG660 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Intl - Tokyo Haneda Intl Seat: 1A (First Class) Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER HS-TKS (on lease from Jet Airways) 4.5 years old Scheduled Departure: 14.50 Actual Departure: 15.32 Scheduled Arrival: 22.30 Actual Arrival: 22.59 Passenger Load:  3 out of 8 in First Class (37.5%) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After a pleasant overnight stay in Bangkok it was time to continue my journey on to Tokyo Haneda. This next flight was one I was particularly looking forward to as it was on the Boeing 777-300ER with suites in First.  The taxi dropped me off at Door 1 at BKK and I made my way into the First Class checkin zone which is a private zone with lounge seats you can sit in whilst the check-in staff take your bags and get your boarding pass. At the same time I was shown a seatmap for the B777-300ER and asked if I still wanted my pre-assigned s

To Japan in Style - Thai Royal First Class (Part 2 - SYD/BKK, TG476)

Airline: Thai Airways International Flight: TG476 Sydney - Bangkok Aircraft: Boeing 747-400   HS-TGX (14 years old) Seat: 2A (First Class) Scheduled Departure: 10.00 Actual Departure: 10.05 Scheduled Arrival: 15.30 Actual Arrival: 15.20 Passenger Load: 4 out of 10 in First Class (40%) YouTube Video of Flight: Check-in Zone for THAI After landing in Sydney from Melbourne I took the Qantas shuttle straight over to international. I had carry on only with a plan to buy a new case in Thailand to bring back any extras I might buy overseas. It was about 8.10am as I arrived and the economy queue was relatively long. Fortunately there was nobody in the First Class queue although the check-in girl was dealing with someone as I arrived. Whilst standing in the queue a Thai representative came and confirmed I was in first class and asked my name. A moment later I was checked in and had my boarding pass and express depa