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Diamond Jubilee Part 3 - Sightseeing

Here's a post simply showing some of the sight seeing I did whilst on this trip, I love visiting castles and country homes especially. I have left the pics in medium size, you can click on them and view them in full size if you wish.

 And the absolute highlight, was a visit to Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. It is here that The Queen's father and grandfather passed away. So much history and a beautiful estate, I just loved it there.

 Next up is my easyJet journey to Paris

Diamond Jubilee Part 2 - Bangkok to London Thai Business Class

After a short stay in Bangkok it was off to London on Thai once more. I started my trip with a foot massage, complimentary for Thai business class passengers in the Thai Airways Spa at Suvarnabhumi airport. It's a great way to relax between flights, or a great way to relax in preparation for your first long haul flight of the day. You start off in the waiting area with a cold herbal drink and cold wet towel.
 With plenty of time up my sleeve I decided to 'lounge hop' and once my massage was complte I made my way over to the Singapore Airlines lounge in A concourse. There is pleasant garden views and I filled up on a few snacks including some tasty dim sum along with a vodka orange.

After I was done with the SQ lounge I made my way to Thai's lounge on concourse C, which was closest to the departure gate. I found a window seat with runway and apron views and snacked on some green curry chicken fried rice and a pastry along with some ginger ale.

It was nearing boarding …