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Singapore Airlines - Most arrogant airline in the sky, just got worse!

As some of you may know, Singapore Airlines has recently undergone refurbishment of its Terminal 2 lounges at it's hub Singapore Changi. As a part of this refurbishment Star Alliance and Krisflyer Gold members now have their own Krisflyer Gold lounge in Terminal 2, much like the one in Terminal 3 which has existed for a couple of years now. Great news, right? Well........ NO! Let me explain.... at Changi, Singapore Airlines passengers flying economy class have not been entitled to use the business class lounges for as long as I have been a regular customer. Instead, in terminal 2 we were directed to the SATS Premier lounge which was used by various airlines and featured PRIVATE toilets and showers! Admittedly these showers are really showing their age these days but at least they were available. When terminal 3 opened, Star Gold passengers had a new Krisflyer Gold lounge to use but it lacks toilet and showers. Instead you have to use the public toilets and if you want a shower,

The Royal Tour Part 11 - Qantas Business Bangkok to Sydney QF2 (Boeing 747-400)

VH-OJO in transit from London at Bangkok ---------------------------------------------- BANGKOK to SYDNEY AIRLINE: Qantas FLIGHT: QF2 AIRCRAFT: Boeing 747-400 (VH-OJO) 20 years old SCHEDULED TO DEPART: 18.00 ACTUAL DEPARTURE: 18.00 SCHEDULED TO ARRIVE: 06.05 ACTUAL ARRIVAL: 06.10 SEAT: 16J (Upper Deck Business Class) ---------------------------------------------- As part of my journey home from the Royal Wedding I flew Qantas from Bangkok to Sydney in business class. I was lucky to also have an emergency exit seat on the upper deck. The flight was ready to go at the scheduled departure time although we did hold at the gate for a while to ensure we would arrive after curfew time in Sydney the following morning. Welcome Champagne and Hot Towel View looking forward from my seat  The Boeing 747-400 business class seats are skybeds but they are angled and not completely lie flat like the newer version found on the Qantas A380's. They are comfortable never