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Thai Airways 315 ( TG315 ) - Bangkok to Delhi Economy Class Boeing 777-300

AIRLINE:  Thai Airways International AIRCRAFT:  Boeing 777-300 CLASS: Economy Class ROUTE:  BKK-DEL SEAT:  38K SCHEDULED: DEPART  1755  ARRIVE  2055 (4 hours 30 min) ACTUAL: DEPARTED  1850  ARRIVED  2150 (4 hours 30 min) 55 minutes late NOTE: Keep in mind, whilst reading this report, that I took this trip right in the middle of the 2010 political protests and Thailand was already suffering big tourism losses although the more serious incident in Mid may was still a couple of weeks away.  For this reason, it is much quieter around the airport in my pics and Thai Airways suffered big losses in passenger numbers during this time. ------------------------------ Well, this was to be my first ever trip to the fabled sub-continent and I must say I was pretty excited to finally be on my way to India. I have a fantastic uncle who really loves the place and does a lot of business there so who better to accompany me on my first visit? We met up in Bangkok the day of our departure... My uncle

Singapore Airlines A380 Video

I have uploaded a video to youtube today of a recent flight on the Singapore Airlines A380 from Melbourne to Singapore. I will be following up with a trip report on my blog soon! I have reviewed SQ Economy on this sector a few times now but this time is the first time with the A380. Check back soon for the A380 trip report... in the meantime, here is the video:

Cathay Pacific 703 ( CX703 ) - Hong Kong to Bangkok Business Class Boeing 777-300

AIRLINE:  Cathay Pacific AIRCRAFT: Boeing 777-300 (B-HNH, first ever Boeing 777-300 in commercial service) CLASS:  Business Class ROUTE:  TPE-HKG SEAT:  15K SCHEDULED:  DEPART 2005 ARRIVE 2145 (on time) After arriving from Taipei at about 3pm, I had plenty of time to kill. I had considered getting an earlier flight to Bangkok, but a quick look at the departures board showed the only other CX flight to Bangkok before mine had been cancelled. In fact this flight had been cancelled every day for the past week and the cancellation was continuing for all of June, due to political unrest in Thailand reducing visitor numbers. It was still too early to see which gate I would be departing from so I decided to check out 'The Wing' lounge first. Flight Information Display HKG - after I arrived from Taipei The Short Bar @ The Wing lounge My workstation @ The Wing - home for the next few hours I settled in at one of the many workstations overlooking the tarmac and borrow