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Qantaslink Q400 : Sydney to Canberra

Sometimes when I feel like more of an 'adventure' I fly Sydney to Melbourne via Canberra, that way I can ride a B717 or a Q400 instead of a boring B737 or A330. It costs the same amount of Qantas points for an economy redemption whether you go via Canberra or direct (8000 points). A few months ago I did just that, here is my Q400 preparing for the trip:

Qantas Business Class : Adelaide to Canberra on tbe B737-800 QF706

I've covered most of my long haul premium travel for the year already (more content coming starting next week though when I travel again). So let's have a look at some of the other flights I've taken this year. I probably fly between 50 and 100 sectors a year, most of them don't ever make it to the blog as they are either repeats of flights I've already looked at or boring short haul domestic economy flights. Anyway, here is a quick look at Qantas flight QF706, the 6.45am service between Adelaide and the nations capital, Canberra. Qantas fly the route just twice a day, a morning and an evening service, focused on business and government travel. I was probably fairly out of place occupying seat 1A and travelling purely for leisure on this Tuesday morning in July. The apron at Adelaide on a winter morning