Thai 465 ( TG465 ) - Bangkok to Melbourne Boeing 777-300 Royal Silk Class

AIRLINE: Thai Airways International
AIRCRAFT: Boeing 777-300
CLASS: Business Class


This quick report is mostly pictorial. Yet another transit for me between Bangkok and Melbourne, this time on Thai Airways Royal Silk Class on a Boeing 777-300. 

I arrived at airport and checked in at the Royal Silk Class check-in zone and proceeded through fast track immigration to the Concourse D lounge. This flight departs at a busy time for Bangkok airport, right around midnight. Because of this the lounge was packed and I found it quite uncomfortable. The food offering was poor and as usual there is no wine in Thai biz class lounges at Bangkok.

After lounging for a while in concourse D I decided to move to the Concourse E lounge as the flight was departing from Gate E6. You could barely find a seat in there and all the PC's were taken. Very frustrating! I spent a few minutes checking emails after eventually getting a computer (my laptop was out of action on this night). After a while I headed to the gate and sttled into seat 14A. I thought the seat next to me was going to be empty, but we were waiting on some late passengers and of course, the last woman on took 14B. How annoying!

Preparing to depart BKK- view from seat 14A

Welcome Drink - Champagne. Hot Towels.

Tonight's Menu  - Dinner followed by Breakfast 

Pushback from E6, Emirates 777 beside us

Appetiser - taste was average

I had the lamb, which was a bit fatty but quite nice

Selection from fruit and cheese board 

Dessert and Coffee

After the meal service I reclined the seat into the angled lie flat position and managed several hours of shut eye!

And woke up to the brown Australian landscape

Breakfast is served - although it's actually almost lunchtime in Melbourne

Very poorly presented main - but taste was good

On descent - industrial western suburbs of Melbourne

Westgate freeway as we turn towards final approach runway 34

about to touch down - what a glorious day!

taxi in past Qantas Boeing 747-400

Arriving at the gate next to another Emirates 777, just like the one we parked beside in Bangkok

I have to say I was disappoitned with the food on this leg. Was pretty average. The catering ex-Melbourne is far superior in Royal Silk class compared to what you get ex-Bangkok. The hardware was good though, I was able to achieve a good nights sleep on the plane which is what you want on an overnight flight like this.


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  2. Decided to do the BKK-MEL run on TG 461 dep 0810 arr 2120. I HATE that overnight flight from Asia and would rather get up at 5am! Unfortunately no option, in a week or two, with GA 718 DPS-MEL but its only a short leg. Quite interested to try the new Garuda product too, since their Sk
    ytrax award - Most Improved Airline 2010

  3. Are you flying business on GA? I hear the new business is very nice. I take the 08.10am flight when i can, i like the day flight.

  4. Yes indeed. The new GA Business product is now up there with CX and similar. Short sector of course MEL-DPS but for late evening departure and early morning arrival, even 4 or so hours of sleep on a flat (180) bed is worth the extra bucks if you can. GA well deserve their "Most Improved Airline 2010" accolade.


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