Singapore Airlines - Most arrogant airline in the sky, just got worse!

As some of you may know, Singapore Airlines has recently undergone refurbishment of its Terminal 2 lounges at it's hub Singapore Changi. As a part of this refurbishment Star Alliance and Krisflyer Gold members now have their own Krisflyer Gold lounge in Terminal 2, much like the one in Terminal 3 which has existed for a couple of years now. Great news, right? Well........ NO!

Let me explain.... at Changi, Singapore Airlines passengers flying economy class have not been entitled to use the business class lounges for as long as I have been a regular customer. Instead, in terminal 2 we were directed to the SATS Premier lounge which was used by various airlines and featured PRIVATE toilets and showers! Admittedly these showers are really showing their age these days but at least they were available. When terminal 3 opened, Star Gold passengers had a new Krisflyer Gold lounge to use but it lacks toilet and showers. Instead you have to use the public toilets and if you want a shower, forget it.This was really disappointing but at least if you were desperate enough you could trundle over to terminal 2 and use the SATS lounge for a shower. With this latest round of changes this is no longer an option and the Thai Airways lounge which is the only other Star Alliance lounge at the airport does not have showers either.

So, for those of us who are regular customers of Singapore Airlines on routes like Melbourne - Singapore - London in economy class you can forget having a shower during the transit time. There are paid for shower services available in the airport but for customers who have shown loyalty to the airline you really don't expect this at the hub of an airline like Singapore. It is unlike almost any other airline I know of... Thai Airways have showers freely available at Bangkok, Cathay have them in their lounges in Hong Kong, Qantas offer them in almost every large Qantas lounge including hubs Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

As a result of this I now refuse to fly on Singapore Airlines where I am connecting at Changi between two long haul flights in economy class. I can accept no shower on a route like Bangkok-Singapore-Melbourne, but that is about it. I will move any such business to Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Malaysia Airlines (once they join oneworld).

A few last words about Singapore Airlines - still refusing saver awards on NEW products that have been around for 5 years, website barely functional this year when they launched a new design, catering in economy getting downsized continually and now coming in tin foil containers regularly, no showers for gold members at their only hub, changing equipment out of Melbourne every fortnight (nil consistency).... they have just about lost me....

Lift your game SQ.


  1. Beware of exorbitant cancellation fees from Singapore Airlines: I booked a full fare business class ticket from Singapore to Perth, and for business reasons had to cancel one month before.

    When doing so, Singapore Airlines retained 130 Dollars (!!!_) in "cancellation fees". Mind you - full fare, no services provided, no ticket issued. Nothing.

    When I complained I got a call by some guy telling me that was the deal, take it or leave it.

    So be very very careful when booking online with Singapore Airlines. Make 101% sure you are going, as otherwise they will keep your money and tell you to go and fly a kite instead.


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