Qantas Destroys Frequent Flyer Program

This evening Qantas has announced a number of changes to it's frequent flyer program. Essentially they have now destroyed the program. Without going into too much details for most customers it means earning less frequent flyer points and less status credits (especially if flying with Qantas partners).

The changes also see the removal of anyseat awards booked in class award booking classes (i.e status credit and points earning award flights). This change comes into effect July 1.

I am extremely disappointed at these changes and as a result I am now looking to other programs to put my miles, e.g. AAdvantage and Virgin Velocity. I think Qantas has made a big mistake here, they are already struggling and in one announcement they will send thousands of loyal customers flocking to other airlines.


For the changes go here:


  1. I couldnt believe it when I got the email. Essentially destroyed the one thing keeping people with them and the only part of the business making money - sheer stupidity!

  2. They don't get it. I had to laugh at the spin, they must have had the same people that ran the Labor Party PR machine for the last 7 years, utter lies. "Making it fairer" I just wish these corporate companies would not take us for the fool they think we are. Tell the truth. Truth is good. People will respect you in the morning for it. I'm going to use mine up as quickly as possible before the whole airline crashes and burns ( excuse the pun )

  3. Was to be expected really. Qantas is failing rapidly and not even sure what the Emirates link would do to help them and it would only help Emirates. Its sad to see.
    I would shift points to AAdvantage to use on One World Carriers.

  4. Qantas had to do something - Qantas FF program was one of the worst for being rorted by a small pool of "travel nerds", rich kids and credit card scammers who exploit the programs against those people who actually accrue points by flying!

    Good to see Qantas is cracking down on these rorters.

    Too many people now accrue points through credit card scams or the notorious "family transfer" systems such that hardly a soul in business or first class has actually paid for their ticket. Most of these award flyers have either racked up the points in cheap domestic economy fares, or worse, through non-flying scams as noted above.

    It was utterly unsustainable and Qantas was not going to be able to compete against the SQs and EKs of the world who are backed up by rich governments with deep pockets, prepared to guarantee debts to undercut airlines like QF who actually have to respect labour laws.


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