Bangkok - June 2010 (Redshirt free zone for now)

So I decided to take a walk around the old red-shirt protest zone today. There is many burnt and destroyed buildings from the riots that followed the rally dispersal by the Army on May 19/20. The local authorities and local people have done a great job cleaning up! Here are some pics I took:

Corner Rajadamri and Petchaburi Rd's - This was a Red Shirt Tyre Barricade before

Looking down Rajadamri towards the famous Ratchaprasong intersection. Klong Saen Sab is below me.

Approaching Central World

This side of Central World appears relatively unscathed on the outside

Barricades at the front of Central World - down the other end is where the main fire damage is

Big C Rajadamri is badly fire damaged, you can see metal fencing out the front - it is closed, it's future still uncertain

There is still some remnants of razor wire around the Central World complex. 

Looking over at the Big C Rajadamri complex

Fencing up outside a relatively unscathed part of Central World - the worst damage is to the left of shot

Gaysorn shopping centre got away with minimal damage, and is open for business

The partially collapsed part of Central World / ZEN

badly fire damaged tower

I liked this sign right in front of the collapsed part of Central World

Central World

Temporary fencing keeping people away from the badly damaged Central World

The famous Ratchaprasong intersection, now back to normal with lots of cars


Walking around the corner of Central World to head towards Siam this is what you see

the corner of Central World

Classic Thai security guard, hazing a snooze beside the burnt out central world

Community spirit - lots of this sign and t-shirts with this slogan being worn by the local Thai's

Siam - featuring the Together We Can logo

Together We Can - Charity Market @ Siam

Fire damaged buildings beside Siam BTS


There is many buildings destroyed by fire around Siam

The 44 year old Siam Theatre - totally destroyed, last movie to show Iron Man 2

Siam Theatre

Siam Theatre

MK Restaurant at Siam - destroyed by fire

Siam Theatre

a burnt Thai flag @ Siam

local traders are featuring t-shirts like these all over Bangkok

I really hope that Thailand can move forward from the events of the past couple of months and sort out the problems. It's been a horrible time for the Thai people and may everyone that lost their lives rest in peace. Peace!


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