Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER

On a recent flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket I was surprised to see HS-TKG parked at the gate. HS-TKG is one of three Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER's currently on lease from Jet Airways. The original schedule was a Boeing 777-200 but Thai are known to  regularly change equipment at the last minute, particularly on domestic routes. 

Had I known at check-in that this aircraft was operating this sector I would have paid for an upgrade to business just to sample the business seat (the First suites were unused on this sector). Instead I flew economy class. The economy seat was quite comfortable with a head rest that slides up and down. They also feature a pull down 'net' style foot rest. The economy seats are all maroon in colour, certainly a lot less bright than the usual Thai economy cabin. I can't tell you anything about the Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) as it was disabled for this domestic sector, with just the flight info screen available. Here is a few photos of the aircraft:

HS-TKG parked at the gate at CNX
First Class Suite

First Class Suite

First Class Suite - bad image quality sorry, but you can see the ottoman which makes a comfortable companion seat for dining

Business Class seat - in herringbone configuration, looks very comfortable!
Economy cabin - with large PTV's in 3 x 3 x 3 arrangement

Economy Cabin

Economy legroom

Economy Seat - controls are built into the seat in front, much more convenient than within the armrest.  There is also a pullout light and coathanger

Economy seat - pull out light is on the left



  1. Really good shots and very helpful. I am awaiting a flight on this air craft in First and business class can't wait.


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