The Royal Wedding Trip

Hi All!

I am still away on the Royal Wedding trip but all went well. It was a fantastic day and I have lots to write about when I eventually get home. I am on my way back to Australia now for my sisters wedding so once that is all over expect a steady flow of blog posts to hit the page!



  1. As a new follower I'm LOVING catching up on your previous blog entries! You seem to enjoy the bits of travel that I also enjoy and other seem to overlook - amenity kits, seat configuration/ selection, lounge meals/drinks (I'm a champagne lover too) and repeating the meals/drinks experience once on board, toiletries in the bathrooms etc. I also don't mind delays and am VERY happy to settle back in a comfortable lounge and do some more snacking and drinking. Keep up the great work mate.

  2. I'm also an aviation freak & an active follower of your blog....looking forward to your new post.

  3. Thanks to both of you for the lovely comments. Glad you are enjoying the blog!


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