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Just an update as to what is coming up on the site....

I recently took a ride on a Boeing 787 for the first time ever, it was just a short flight from Melbourne to Sydney on Jetstar but it was fantastic. Expect a full pictorial report tomorrow night.

As for my upcoming travels I have the following to report on over the next couple of weeks:

- Cathay Pacific business class long haul A330 configuration
- Cathay Pacific business class new regional A330 configuration
- Turkish Airlines business class A330-300
- British Airways euro traveler (economy) on the B767-300
- Etihad Regional on the SAAB 2000
- Air Berlin economy on the A320
- Qatar business class on the B787 dreamliner
- Qatar economy class on the A320
- Etihad diamond first class on the B777-300ER

So as you  can see there is lots to look forward to, all new products that I have never reviewed before. So stay tuned.


  1. Are you flying the TG 777-300ER out from melbourne anytime soon? Would love to see a TR in J class


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