The Qantas A330 Suites Experience : Perth to Melbourne

With the suites upgrade on Qantas A330s almost complete, flights across the country are going to finally have a consistent business class product. Here we have my experience about 6 months ago on a dinnertime flight, Perth to Melbourne.

Terminal Entry


Qantas is now the sole occupier of T4 with Virgin having moved to it's own facility on the other side of the airport. There is a new dedicated Business Class/Platinum lounge available as well.

The Qantas Club is up those stairs (usually)

Whilst the business lounge is through these doors
The new lounge is large and modern with some great dining options including freshly made pizzas!

Admittedly the lounge did fill up prior to a bank of departures headed to the east coast, and there wasn't a whole lot of extra space available.

My A330-200 ride to Melbourne
The flight was running on schedule and I headed to the gate from the lounge to check out the business class cabin:

Seats 2A/4A and 2K/4K are my preferred
I was in 2A on this flight, it offers extra privacy as it's right up against the window. The seats are wonderful, so much space and all with direct aisle access and the ability to remain in a slightly reclined mode for takeoff and landing.

The menu for dinner tonight:

A non alcoholic Maggie Beer sparkling red wine was offered as a pre departure beverage:

About to push back

Away we go
Before dinner a drinks and nuts run was offered. The nuts were served on a plate/bowl type thing, an upgrade on being handed them in a packet. Good work Qantas!

The tables are set in the international dining configuration (i.e no trays!). First up I had the soup:

Followed by the crumbed pork cutlet, which was delicious by the way:

Then the cheese and fruit plate. A small sweet was offered as well.

Finally, coffee...

The flight attendant serving on my side was wonderful, so friendly and very customer focused. He was always around making sure I had everything I needed including regular wine topups.

All in all a great flight with Qantas and the suites are just a terrific way of flying.


  1. Looks nice for some. Qantas how come when you fly (internationally) to Singapore from Perth 5.20 min you pay the same amount of money to be at the front of the plane but the seats in business class are sit up with stuff all lay back? Interesting watchin Kim Beazley squeezing into his seat recently. How can Qantas fit out a plane that fly's 3.45 min with decent J class seat but ignors the only flight Qantas offers internationally out of Perth?? Qantas does not deserve my business and I am now avoiding Qantas and have just spent the same amount of money to fly in a real flat bed business class with Singapore Airlines.

    1. I just did a Per-Sin return in QF business although they do handout pyjamas but what's the point when you can't sleep on a premium economy style seat. On both flights loads where full in both classes. They need to pull an a330 back onto the route quickly.

    2. Its because they completely abandoned Western Australia from an international stand point despite the WA mining boom single handedly keep their business afloat through all their trouble a few years back. Thanks for nothing Qantas.

  2. Need to change the headline. I believe you have the cities reversed!

  3. Wow that crumbed pork looks crispy!

  4. Great report hope to see many more in the future.

  5. Hey mate, I got the AMEX card. So you should get some reward shortly. BTW they are only offering 60,000 points as of today (5/8). Hope its here in time for my trip away next Saturday! Cheers Steve


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