Cathay Pacific "The Pier" First Class Lounge Hong Kong

In June this year, after a period of renovations, Cathay reopened "The Pier" first class lounge at Hong Kong airport. I made a point of checking it out on my recent trip prior to a Cathay Pacific flight to Singapore. I was flying in business class but courtesy of oneworld Emerald status I was invited into the first class lounge. It just so happened my flight was leaving from a gate almost right opposite the lounge too, which made it very convenient.

The lounge is split into various zones. I first visited the restaurant area:

The restaurant is a-la-carte with menu's provided and table service. I was there early so the breakfast menu was on offer. I ordered the granola with yoghurt and berries:

The granola was ok but there wasn't much yoghurt with it. I also ordered a cappuccino which seems to have come from an automatic machine which was disappointing.

Next was the eggs benedict:

To be honest it wasn't great, the eggs were low quality, tasteless, and the hollandaise sauce was average. All in all, a disappointing breakfast. Also - the service wasn't very friendly.

I headed into the main lounge area where there is really nice furnishings with great wooden tables and nice views to the tarmac. I loved the look and feel of this area.

This is the main entrance area to the lounge, again featuring these great wood tables, made from whole pieces of wood:

There is a buffet section:

There is also  great looking bar, where I ordered a glass of champagne:

One of the main things I like when in a lounge is being able to see outside and have some natural light, and this lounge didn't disappoint in that area. I could watch the various comings and goings, such a this EVA A321 with sharklets!

There is also a spa in the lounge and I booked an appointment, I was given a buzzer that rang to notify me when it was my turn. I had a foot massage, although it did involved a fairly rigorous arm, neck, shoulder massage as well. The massage therapist was far too talkative and asked a lot of personal questions, it was NOT a relaxing experience in that regard. Also the space wasn't particularly private, just a seat in an area where more than one person could be receiving treatment at the same time. Certainly the experience was no where near as good as Thai's Royal Silk spa in Bangkok and Qantas' Aurora Spa in both Sydney and Melbourne.

I enjoyed my visit to this lounge, it's certainly at the higher end of lounges around the world, but it's nowhere near the best. After my massage it was time to head to the gate for the flight to Singapore, that report is coming up next!


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