Pictorial Report - United Airlines JFK-LAX-SYD-MEL UA27 and UA839

I am simply putting this next trip report in pictures. I have been running late blogging this stuff so some of the minor details have slipped my mind anyway! This post covers my journey home from New York to Melbourne on United Airlines Flight 28, p.s service Boeing 757-200 (New York JFK to Los Angeles) and United Flight 839 Boeing 747-400 from Los Angeles to Melbourne via Sydney.

airtrain arriving at JFK

airtrain at JFK approaching JetBlue terminal

heading up to the United Red Carpet Club at JFK

United RCC at JFK, has a view

free wifi onboard today, limited time offer. also you can see the lounge wifi access card

N525UA, my ride to LAX. Boeing 757-200 fitted with winglets (and wifi onboard)

flight to SFO waiting beside us

taxi'ing out I spot a Jet (9W) A330-200 - i think they fly in from India via Brussels?

we have liftoff - nice view of JFK

wave goodbye to New York, climbing out

in cruise over thick clouds

arriving at the gate LAX, on schedule

United 747, boarding at LAX for SYD

Breakfast before landing in Sydney, taste was ok

almost there!

Sydney Airport - view from Air New Zealand Lounge

Air New Zealand Lounge Sydney - I had time for a quick shower and some food

Air New Zealand lounge Sydney -  sparkling wine and fruit brunch!

In flight Sydney to Melbourne - the home stretch

A Californian chardonnay before arrival

The Mentalist episode was shown on this last leg

back exactly where I started from 6 days earlier!


  1. Many Thanks ! We're leaving for sydney next week, had qantas and emirates before and the flight was never boring. This is our first time using UA, read all the harrowing experiences and negative feedbacks about UA flights to the land down under, very close of cancelling our tickets BUT after viewing this we're ready to GO. Just hope you're not working for UA. Keep up the GOOD WORK ! AndrewVM010784

  2. Thats great Andrew, UA is certainly no Qantas or Emirates but it's not completely horrible. you will be fine. have a great time in Australia

  3. hey there dazz81, our flight is next sunday leaving ewr @ 1pm , stopovers @ O'Hare and LAX and off to Sydney. You may be a pilot, a flight steward or an aircraft mechanic but one thing is for sure..i'm now an avid fan..carry on with the nice photos.

  4. thanks for your comments, im neither of those things but I am a travel fan. Thx for reading the blog. im slow to update it sometimes, but I plan an update in the next few days hopefully with some recent travels.


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